Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Where is Sambath the Snake Boy now?

 After making a G+ post about Sambath Uorn and his Chamreun piton snake I wished to get update on info about them as photos are pretty much old (Sambath is now 14/15 years old) so I searched the web with not much success, except that I find out about wedding ceremony being held. Not for Sambath but Chamerun: 
Old villagers decided to wed the two pythons after a boy, who was believed to be spirit-possessed, said Krong Pich wanted to marry Chamreun, or "people in the villages will suffer illnesses and bad luck," Neth Vy said. article
                                                                                                                                 Jan. 2011

A "spirit-possessed"??

 Snake boy in Cambodia by Sandvand on Flickr.

Old article: 
Sambath Uon, 7, plays with  Chamreun (lucky in Khmer language), a 4.8-meter long, 120kg female python, in his village of Sit Tbow in Cambodia. Chamreun first arrived at Sambath’s home when the boy was 3 months old, and refused to leave despite the boy’s father carrying it back to the forest three times. Since then Sambath and Chamreun have been inseperable and even sleep together. The villagers even believe the snake has healing power because of its human-like qualities. “I love the python. I love the python like my sister,” said Sambath as he rested his head on the snake. The pair have even become local celebrities as their neighbours and residents from the province come by to watch the unusual pair huddled together on the floor

 Snake boy in Cambodia by Sandvand on Flickr

Except for the wedding of Chamerun  and Sambath being allegedly  "spirit-possessed", no new information I could find about them... it looks like one of those stories that becomes "orphan" once the rating drops.

 In 2008, an ABC Australia television show allowed viewers to enter the home of a precarious and dangerous human/nonhuman animal relationship. At the time, Uorn Sambath was 7 years of age and, according the the program, enjoyed nothing more than to roll around and on top of his 15 foot,  265 pound female Burmese Python named Chamreun, which means “lucky” in the local language


I hope some information will turn up, sure would like to know where is he now and if by any chance you find out, please be sure to let me know!

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