Richard Symonds - Artist and Humanitarian

 On his site Richard says: "Dear all, please excuse another long break between updates, it's been another crazy busy year full of Exhibitions, Travel and exciting new projects! Following last year's Elephant Parade in London, I can disclose that my Elephant "Hope" sold for £26,000 helping in the grand total raised of over £4 million!! Huge respect to all at Elephant Family and all the other artists and fundraisers who made it such an amazing event. I also revealed my latest life-size elephant painting of "Tara" (see below) who was auctioned at the huge Mela event in London and attended by Goldie Hawn who so kindly spoke about my painting causing her singular emotion as she looked at it! Good emotion that is!"

Richard’s passion and commitment to wildlife spans back over 20 years. He has been actively involved with raising large sums of money and awareness for wildlife through the sale and auction of his original paintings, drawings and limited edition prints.
Entirely self-taught and pursuing a string of commissions including amongst others Harley–Davidson, the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the BBC, he decided to concentrate solely on painting and drawing wild animals in their natural habitat. Following his continuous passion and love of wildlife, Richard soon found himself on safari in game parks throughout Africa.

"Tembo" Elephant Painting

Richard Symonds Artist | Facebook

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