Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dear Photograph

Dear Photograph ( is a project that started when Taylor Jones posted a couple of family pictures on his blog, little did he know that ‘Dear Photograph’ will eventually grow into a huge Internet nostalgia forum with 20,000 visits a day. These family pictures were based on a principle of matching an old photo with the present day setting. Taylor held his brother’s old photo up against the current settings of the room and snapped a new one. After posting it online, the idea went viral attracting thousands of similar submissions from all over world.
Below are some of my favorite Dear Photographs.
 Dear Photograph, I was astounded, but I hadn’t had time to consider what I was seeing. Mark Yokoyama

Dear Photograph, I still remember every moment I spent with you that summer. You always thought we were just friends, but to me, you always meant so much more. A year and a half later and now you are my valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day!Your Boyfriend, Louis

Dear Photograph, Wasn’t my Grandpa the most elegant miner in town? Twenty seven years have passed since he stood there holding me and wearing his uniform with such pride. It’s that moment in time I will cherish and remember always. Miss you so much Grandpa, Ida

Dear Photograph, I learned to walk on that bridge and now my son begins his journey. -Ioic

Dear Photograph, I remember when my Dad taught my niece how to ride her bike. Today she stands tall and this photo is what I now hold close to me. Dad passed away, suddenly, eight weeks ago and Christmas and New Year’s Eve just didn’t shine the same without him here. Miss you, Yvonne

Dear Photograph, I know you are my ancestors sitting there in front of the house I grew up in and where my family still lives today. Even though we have lived in different times and a generation or more apart, I somehow feel closely connected to you both. -Gitte

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