Wednesday, February 26, 2014

James Charles Illegal Art

The familiar faces on American paper currency are transformed into facesthat are just as recognizable – but far more modern. James Charles turns George Washington and Abe Lincoln into the Tin Man, Spock, Yoda, an Oompa Loompa, Mr. T, Iggy Pop and many other pop culture figures. Experimenting with ink and papers that are virtually identical to those used by the U.S. Mint, Charles even alters the text below each figure, adding sayings like ‘Pity the Fool’, ‘Tea Party MILF’ and ‘Chicken Choker’. All this of course is illegal I believe ( Defacing currency )
He found ink and materials to match perfectly what the U.S. Mint uses on the bank notes, and began to experiment with ways to alter the font and script along the bottom of the bills. It became the perfect way for James to inject an additional layer of wit.

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